Hand pallet wrap

Why should you wrap pallets by hand?  

Isn’t it easier to wrap your pallets with a machine? 

This depends on your situation. A pallet wrapping machine might even cost you more time, more packaging material, more money.  

Consistent load stability

Load stability is determined by the force that the film applies to your load. 

International standards for measuring this force to load are made by ASTM.
Pallets wrapped with a machine that is set up properly will give a rather consistent load stability if parameters, pallet load and type of film are not changed.

With hand wrapping the operator decides how much force will be applied, how many tours he will run around the pallet, how much overlap he will create on the layers of film and what the real costs will be.

With a Wrapplicator® system your pallets will be wrapped like a machine should do: consistent. No matter where, when or by whom the job is done. As long as you can walk, you can wrap pallets!

Pack Tools 2.0 BV can configure a Wrapplicator® to work with your specific high performance film.

We work with film manufacturers, film converters and smart packaging distributors worldwide to create a optimal stabilistion for pallet loads.

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